Tuesday 14 NOV [keynote]

Keynote: Creativity and Wellbeing in education

Deborah Gibbon, Headteacher, The Jenny Hammond Primary School

Short video highlights 12mins


Full 45 minute interview

THU 23 NOV [keynote]

Keynote: Creativity and Wellbeing in education

Fliss Guss, Eastside


Tuesday 28 NOV

Today is the day of the Symposium dedicated to young people’s programming so we are launching 3 videos made by Art Matters and  East London Schools, part of the Listen to Your Art Beat project supported by the Foundation of Future London

‘Listen to your Art Beat’ enables groups of young people from East London schools and colleges to develop a sense of ownership and community while building their creativity, confidence and leadership skills by devising, developing and delivering practical art and design workshops to other groups of young people as part of the annual Art Matters Exhibition. The groups of young people were be supported by a Creative practitioners throughout this process.


Leyton 6th Form

St Bonaventure’s


Langdon Academy

Eastside 30th

KS3 poetry Lesson Plans


Monday 13 NOV

Theme: Mindfulness, Pause + Wellbeing


Check out a series of videos on Wellbeing themes.


A Whole School Approach to mental Health and Wellbeing

Teaching Wellbeing

The Body Scanner (for your class)

Rainbow Relaxation (for your class)

5 minute meditation

The science of happiness

Self Care for staff






Monday 20 NOV

Theme: Nature and Outdoor Learning



Thriving with Nature

Links between natural environment and physical activity

Outdoor learning Health and Wellbeing

5 ways to boost your mental health and wellbeing through the outdoors 

Health Benefits of being outdoors 




Thursday 23 NOV

Keynote: Creativity and Wellbeing in education

Fliss Guss, Eastside


Monday 27 NOV

Theme: Wellbeing for young people in a Digital World & even-changing world

Tuesday 28 NOV