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Enjoy browsing the richness of the London Cultural and Educational Offer.

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A Little Learning

Artmark & Arts Award

Skills based curriculum

Poetry & Media Project with Mandeville Primary school          
UnBOXed, part of the schools Artsmark process




Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning

Young creatives

Lockdown reflections

Subject to Change: New Horizons

Three new artistic works that have been produced by people as part of the Subject to Change: New Horizons, new and powerful artistic work responding to the uncertain times we are living in.

See the full programme HERE

Beyond The Box Consultants 

 Young voices

Lockdown ideas

Taking Up Space Project

11 young Londoners empolyed in a variety of creative roles to carry out insight and engagement activities with their peers.

Each team was given complete autonomy to choose whichever creative platform they desired. Take a listen to the incredible content created, from roundtable talks, to podcasts, street interviews, campaigns and interactive maps.

Meet the winner of 2020 Poetry Competition, Aretha Ahunanya in the video below.

Click links for  RoundTable Discussion  ,  Born in East End ,  Youth Connector Fome speaks to fellow young Londoners



Curating Cultural Programming Part 1 

For part II of Curating Cultural Programming  click HERE

Brit School

Lockdown ideas

Brit Now

Click HERE to explore BRIT Now, a showcase of student work set up in March’s lockdown.

Bow Arts

Celebrating Creativity

Portway and Selwyn Primaries with Lizzy Hobbs  Animation

Bow Arts The History of Lansbury Lawrence

Photo Gallery

Centre for Creative Quality Improvement

Celebrating Creativity

A Book full of Guff

Creative and Cultural skills

Creative careers

Art not war project film

Creative Schools + Colleges Teach Meet Series

Lockdown learning


Creative Schools & Colleges run a series of teach-meets and support sessions for schools, Colleges and FEs in the last 9 months.


Dance Days                                                             

  Celebrating the arts

Workshops for schools
Video was taken pre COVID. Adapting to the restrictions Dance Days are launching Dance Days TV!


See the full playlist of Drumworks during lockdown HERE

Lockdown ideas

Walthamstow Garden Party in the Air

Raine’s Foundation School Tower Hamlets


Eastside Education

Creativity and wellbeing

Video Workshops for Schools

For Full Details click HERE


Cross curricular learning

Celebrating culture

Creative Video Workshops: Protest Poetry – Remi Graves – Primary

Jo Rhodes Dance

Value of creativity

Challenge 59 Project


Creativity and wellbeing

BrewEd The Arts – Co-creation, dance and film for wellbeing. – Jo Rhodes of Challenge 59

London film school

During lockdown London Film School reimagined their in-class film clubs to suit a new way of working with children and young people in a virtual capacity.See the full list of videos HERE

Lockdown ideas

Virtual Film Club




 Young voices

Living Song
Written and performed by young leaders from NewYVC and dedicated to Malala Yousafzai and all young leaders working to change the world for the better.


New YVC Choir : Whole Choir ethos and practice

Rosetta Arts

Lockdown ideas

 Rosetta Arts ‘Unlocked in the Trees’ art project which took place over Summer 2020

Images Slideshow

The Why Not Institute

 Celebrating the arts

Understanding the strength, the importance and the need for a hug during restrictions.



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