Upcoming CPD event: Literacy|Poetry |KS1-3 | WED 28 APR 2021

April 19, 2021

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How To Create a Rich Culture of Poetry in your School or Classroom

Create a culture of poetry, inspire students about reading and writing and encourage student voice, oracy and expression.

In this pacy and practical session, we will explore what we can do in our schools and in our individual classrooms to create a rich culture of poetry, where children’s reading, writing, oracy and social relationships can all thrive.

The session is ideally suited for

teachers and leaders in KS1-3, and it is designed to help you reflect on what poetry looks like currently, and to consider different approaches that you could make in your own school’s context.


We will explore three key themes: how to encourage children to write with authenticity, excitement and meaning; how to balance freedom and constraint; and what it means for us to be poetry teachers.

We will explore different approaches, and the facilitator will model different lesson structures which you could then take back to school and try out. As part of the handout after the session, participants will receive suggested poetry lists and selections.

About the tutor

Jonny Walker is a primary teacher in East London schools. He founded OtherWise Education, through which he runs KS2/3 writing networks and poetry retreat residentials. He currently works as a Poetry Teacher in Residence at Glade Primary School in Ilford and has lectured on poetry for trainee teachers. He has co-authored a teacher handbook on teaching poetry with Michael Rosen, which was released in March 2021.